SUMAC Initiative's


SUMAC Initiative is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit organization dedicated to the mission of providing technical support and educational programming to organizations, schools, associations, community members and nonprofits who use or would like to use open source and or Libre software. Our team assists non-profits, communities and organization in successfully implementing, supporting and customizing open source software. We also advocate and educate the community on the civil liberty issues regarding Technology and Revolution.

Our strategic priorities for 2020 are:

  • Put 100 computers into the community loaded with Open Source software
  • Grassroots Empowerment and Awareness of The Digital Divide, Open Source Technology, and The Ethics of Free Software
  • Start a grassroots movement for open source technology in schools
  • Assist in deploying, maintianing and training users to use, opperate and install Open Source Tools

SUMAC is only able to make real change with the help of our donors and members.

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Become a member of the User Liberation Network (ULN). Memberships give you the tools and guidance necessary to begin your open source journey.

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SUMAC gets inquiries for technical support everyday. Become a volunteer and be one of our go-to techies for assisting individuals and organizations with their open source software.

If needed, volunteer hours can be tracked and we love to provide letters of recommendation for our wonderful volunteers!

Together we thrive.

We provide assistance & consultations regarding the technological advancements taking place in your industry. We also provide hosting for the tools we assist in deploying. We have partnerships with several open source platforms and our list of partnerships keeps growing.