Why SUMAC Initiative is Important

SUMAC Initiative is a Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to the mission of providing technical support and educational programming to organizations, schools, associations, community members and nonprofits who use or would like to use open source software. Our team assist non-profits, communities, and organization in successfully implementing, supporting, hosting, and customizing open source software. We also advocate and educate the community on the civil liberty issues regarding Technology and Revolution.

Our Values

Acess to Knowledge

Curiosity should be rewarded, not stifled.


Technology should promote progress by allowing people to build on the ideas, creations, and inventions of others.


Technology should be trustworthy and answer to its users.

Free Expression

People should be able to speak their minds to whoever will listen.


Technology should allow private and anonymous speech, and allow users to set their own parameters about what to share with whom.


The regulation of the internet and technologies should always be considerate of civil liberties.