100 Computers for 100 Families


While the digital revolution does get credit for bringing a world of new opportunities to students with families able to afford the luxury,  millions stand on the sidelines unable to take part or gain from the experience.  In April of 2018, the Department of Education released a study showing that people of color are the largest percentage of Americans without internet.  Building on the issue is the number of Americans without computer access in the home.  One study from  the Federal Communications Commission stating over 26% of Americans do not have a computer in the home. The same report pointed out they did not include the number of Americans that consider mobile devices to be their “computer”.  Those of us with the luxury to have both smart phones and computers know one cannot replace the other. Accepting these facts may be hard for many of us, but once we do it is easy to understand the need to bridge the divide.

The growing divide between the haves and have-nots of the digital era creates an easily visible roadblock to millions of children’s success.  According to the FCC nearly 70 percent of teachers nationwide require homework assignments that contain the prerequisite of internet access.  Leaving millions of America children at a disadvantage not only in completing assignments, but also in exploring the details of content shortened into a chapter of a textbook online.  Stifling their ability to explore their curiosities and exercise self determination.

This is why we are asking you to contribute. Every dollar counts. Help us put computers into the homes of families.


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