Free, as in Freedom

In order to achieve our mission of eliminating the digital divide and bringing awareness to open source technology and constitutional rights we have developed resources that liberate users. Our secure tools respect your privacy and are an ideal demonstration for what Open Source technology has to offer. All of our resources are hosted on SUMAC servers where our policy is to always uphold the right to privacy.

Search Engine

Stop Tracking Us is a search engine provided by SUMAC Initiative to give users the privacy they deserve. Go ahead and test it out! Better yet, save it as your default search engine.

Social Media


Pixelfed is a new Open Source photo sharing social media platform like Instagram. Join our instance and begin sharing beautiful photos. Pixels.HelpChangeThe.World


Mastodon is a social media platform with over 2 million users. Mastodon has a user interface like Twitter and a user experience you can't find anywhere else. Follow SUMAC on Mastodaon @SUMACInitiative


Peertube is a video sharing platform. Upload your videos to our Peertube instance lor just binge on videos already there.

Stealth Drop Cloud Storage

We all love the cloud because it expands our ability to save files and photos. In reality “the cloud” is simply someone else’s computer. It is important your files are held in a space you can trust. SUMAC offers free and paid cloud storage services with Stealth Drop.

Git Hosting

From project planning and source code management to CI/CD and monitoring, our Git is a single application for the entire development life cycle.

We believe this tool is just what organizers need. Collectives is a collaboration tool that will improve internal communications for your organization. Collectives uses channels to organize conversations and share both files and photos. There is also an iOS and Andriod app.

Free Email Hosting

Did you know the National Security Association (NSA) has an agreement with several email hosting companies (including Google and Microsoft) to regularly hand over customer data? Many people feel they are not able to have email privacy in the modern world and this is an issue you just have to accept. This is false. You can have digital privacy by subscribing to our email hosting.

Available Domains:

or your own custom email domain (paid)

Other Resources

SUMAC will also host or help set up other Open Source tools for members not listed here or in our shop. We’ve hosted Funk Whale, Minio, Minecraft, Only Office, and many other platforms. Please reach out if you need Open Source tools not listed on our site.